What are the different types of pets ?

In order to live well, have fun and be safe in society, it is important to have a pet. So how do you recognise and choose a pet? Here we will clarify the different types of pets that exist.

Dogs and cats

A pet is nothing more than an animal that shares its beauty, talents, joviality and presence with humans, in exchange for their protection. Thus, they are varied and of different types. First of all, the dog. Indeed, the dog is one of the best pets as it is man’s best friend. Dogs come in many breeds and it is often found that a relationship between a well-trained dog and its owner develops very quickly. Dogs do not need a large outdoor space to run around in and their size varies greatly. Next, the cat. The cat is indeed the number one pet and is the most prized by the French. There are at least 80 breeds of cat, and the choice is made according to the love at first sight you get when you are in front of it: it can be its colour, its sex, its elegance, etc.

Birds and fish

Apart from these two types of pets, birds come in third place behind dogs and cats. This is because pet birds are often kept in cages and come in many breeds. Thus, among these many breeds, the most chosen as pet birds are: the parrot; the parakeet; the prinson; etc. These breeds are chosen because of their ability to fly. These breeds are chosen because of their song or because of their exceptional plumage. Fish are also a type of pet. Indeed, fish, and especially goldfish, are often chosen as pets by many French people. They are kept in an aquarium or pond. They do not make a lot of noise and are very pleasant to look at. In short, it should be remembered that there are several types of pets, each with its own specificity.